There are many different places where you discuss sangria, share your experiences, or ask for help. Your feedback and participation are very welcome!


There are several community projects and tools that use or extend Sangria, or, provide worked examples for various frameworks (sorted alphabetically):


To get started with Sangria, here is a great 15-minute introduction talk by Jérémie Astori.

GraphQL: From Zero to Scala by Jérémie Astori

Here are some videos on how Coursera uses GraphQL.

GraphQL and Coursera & their API evolution by Brennan Saeta
Declarative GraphQL: Adding GraphQL to our REST APIs
without writing a single custom resolver
by Bryan Kane

And even more great videos for you to watch! (if you are aware of other videos, we would really appreciate a pull request)

Adopting GraphQL at Twitter by Tom Ashworth
GraphQL for Fun & Profit by Tom Adams
GraphQL: IoC makes its way to HTTP … and it’s great! by Dustin Whitney
Bringing a public GraphQL API from the whiteboard to production by Yann Simon

Issues, Bugs, Ideas

If you’ve got some interesting ideas for improvements or discovered some nasty bugs then feel free to use Sangria’s issue tracker. Also feel free to fork project and create a pull requests - they would be highly appreciated!


In case you need some help or support, then you can use StackOverflow for this. When you are asking a question, be sure to add scala, graphql and sangria tags, so that other people can easily find them.


For more general, lengthy discussions or pretty much anything else please join us in the gitter chat.

We no longer use the Google Group. It’s kept for historical reference.


If you like the project and would like to support it or contribute to it, then you are very welcome to do so. You can spread the word and tweet about the project or even better - create a small blog post and explain how you use sangria and graphql. I’m pretty sure it would be interesting for many people.

Also you can contribute to the documentation or help others by answering questions on StackOverflow or joining discussions at the mailing list. It definitely would be very helpful.

Not to mention the code itself. There is nothing more exciting than hacking some stuff together :) So please feel free to materialize your ideas in form of code and send pull requests!

Contribute to the Website

If you would like to contribute to this website, then you can find the repo on the GitHub. It uses Jekyll and gh-pages. All URLs and versions are gathered in the _config.yml.